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  • Translations with notary certification

  • Translations with notary certification

  • Legal documents translation

  • Technical documentation translation


”RĪGA TULKO JUMS’’ Ltd., in determining prices for translations according to European Union standards, bases on so called supposed or normative page (executed according to laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia), which consists of 1800 characters. Number of standard pages is calculated in MS Word by giving command Word Count and summing up the characters, including spaces and paragraphs. In such a way the total number of characters in the translated text is calculated. Argument for this principle is translator’s work, which physically should be “measured” in keystrokes on computer keyboard. Number of concrete pages is obtained by dividing this total number of characters with 1800. It will be the amount of translation, expressed in supposed (or standard) pages.

  • If the amount of order is less than 180 characters, fee is calculated as per one page (except standard documents).
  • For performance of urgent translations (not more than 9000 characters per day ~ 5 pages) is calculated premium in amount up to 50% of translation price (as per agreement).
  • If, by taking the order, it is not possible to calculate exact number of words, then we predict the number of words and determine the accurate price by number of words in translated text, calculated with assistance of Word Count.
  • By ordering the translation with sworn notary certification, it is required to present ORIGINAL document to notary. Translation, certified by sworn notary, is sewn to the original or copy of document.

"RĪGA TULKO JUMS" Ltd. offers for you beneficial translations and pleasant discounts depending on the amount of text and number of orders!